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  • Maximize Renewal Rates
  • BPA & AAM Audit Reporting

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5-Star Rated Software for Trade Publication Subscription Management

Experience the top-rated solutions for trade publication subscription management that have earned us top user ratings from satisfied publishers like yourself:

Streamlined Circulation Management

"I needed a system that would bring circulation management under one umbrella. SimpleCirc has fit the bill perfectly. Easy to use. I particularly like the renewal efforts, email, and while mail." - Alan W., Publisher

Top-Notch Customer Service

"Customer service has been ultra-responsive to our needs - customer service is top notch." - Jim B., Publisher

Efficient Renewal Process

"Getting the renewal messages out is wonderful, as is seeing the renewals coming in. The list management system is intuitive, and clearly written by a publisher." - Mike D., Director and Editor

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BPA & AAM Audit Reporting for trade publications

The Challenges of Managing Trade Magazine Subscriptions

Managing subscriptions for your trade magazine comes with its own set of unique challenges that can directly impact the success of your publication.

  • Large customer client bases
  • Renewal rate optimization
  • Effective content distribution
  • Complex subscription management
  • Struggles with customer retention
  • Addressing diverse audience needs
  • Timely print and digital delivery
  • Adapting to industry shifts

Eliminating the headaches associated with trade publication subscription management requires a forward-thinking solution designed specifically for your industry's needs. With SimpleCirc, you can streamline these processes and create a trade magazine that thrives.

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SimpleCirc Offers the Features That You Need

SimpleCirc is the go-to choice for trade publications looking to optimize their subscription processes because of our key features:

  • Effortless Subscriber Qualification: Simplify subscriber qualification and re-qualification online with our intuitive checkout pages.
  • Automated Renewal Campaigns: Streamline renewal efforts with automated emails and letter campaigns that save time and boost renewal rates.
  • Comprehensive Audit Reporting: Seamless access to your BPA Worldwide & Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) reports, including insights on Qualified Circulation by Issue and Geographical Breakout of Circulation.
  • Stellar Customer Support: We make it our goal to create a stellar customer experience using our management tools and are by your side every step of the way when choosing our software.

SimpleCirc streamlines trade publication subscription management and has the specialized publishing tools you need to meet industry demands.

Trusted by Leading Trade Magazine Publishers

Trade press magazine publishers have special needs when it comes to trade publication subscription management software. That's why they trust SimpleCirc to deliver industry-based solutions that streamline their operations and drive success.

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Case Studies

Case Study: Improving Subscription Management for Alaska Business Magazine

Alaska Business Publishing Co., the publisher of the premier magazine Alaska Business, faced significant challenges with managing subscription renewals and campaigns, leading to subscriber loss and potential revenue decline. By integrating SimpleCirc, the company streamlined its subscription management processes, including renewal campaigns, auto-renewals, and managing duplicate accounts. The direct training and support from SimpleCirc were instrumental in making the transition smooth and effective, helping the team recapture lost subscribers and improve overall efficiency.

With SimpleCirc, Alaska Business Publishing Co. has seen improved subscriber retention and growth, thanks to better communication and streamlined operations. The platform's features have allowed the team to spend less time managing subscriptions and more time focusing on business expansion. This company highly recommends SimpleCirc for its user-friendly system, exceptional support, and ability to drive significant operational improvements and business growth.

Case Study: Better Subscription Management for Electrical Engineering Magazine

SimpleCirc subscription management for an electrical engineering magazine helped the publisher overcome delays in subscriber support, limited database access, and pay-walled features. It also helped the magazine's team streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction with automation and customized integrations to meet specific circulation needs By transitioning to SimpleCirc, publishers are in control of their success and have access to the tools necessary to foster subscriber loyalty and business growth.

Partnering with SimpleCirc helps publications to decrease subscriber churn rates and enhance overall subscription efficiency. Because this platform provides adaptability and outstanding support, publishers using this software will have an enduring partnership to help meet evolving industry demands through state-of-the-art subscription management.

Case Study: O Gauge Railroading and SimpleCirc

As a model railroad hobbyist magazine, O Gauge Railroading faced several challenges with its monthly renewal process before adopting SimpleCirc. From tedious renewal request functionality to subscriber data errors, the publisher found little success with several subscription management software until discovering SimpleCirc. The transition was smooth, with SimpleCirc effortlessly importing its subscription database and resolving data errors from previous providers. By automating its renewal process, O Gauge also significantly streamlined its operations, saving time and improving subscriber satisfaction.

SimpleCirc offers more than just a subscription management solution—it provides a partnership dedicated to helping publications succeed. With robust features like automated renewal notices and customizable subscription packages, this subscription management software empowers publishers to streamline operations and enhance subscriber engagement to enhance reader loyalty. O Gauge Railroading Magazine's journey underscores the importance of intuitive circulation software, delivering efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and business growth.

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