Subscriber management software for Canadian magazines

Canadian publications have special needs and SimpleCirc has you covered.

Pricing in CAD & USD

Sell your magazine subscriptions in Canadian Dollars to your Canadian subscribers and US Dollars to your United States and International subscribers.

Canadian Magazine Taxes

Collect the right Canadian taxes for your magazine subscriptions. Provincial sales taxes (PST). Goods and Services Tax (GST). Quebec Sales Tax (QST)

Canadian and US Postal Codes

Set up your postage types to take advantage of Canadian, US, and international postage.

Default to Canadian Addresses

We can set up your account to default to Canadian addresses. By default your subscriber's country will be set to Canada and they will choose their province from a list. US and international subscribers can then click a link to quickly switch to a form supporting their addresses.

Awesome customer support

Talk to people who know publishing (and Canadian magazines) whenever you need help.
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