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    Quick and easy management for Canadian magazines
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    Higher subscriber retention with less effort
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    Better connect with and assist your audience
  • Save Resources
    More time & money for what truly matters — your magazine's growth

Empower your magazine with SimpleCirc, the effortless way to manage subscriptions.

Canadian Musician magazine manages their subscribers with SimpleCirc

Canadian publications have special needs and SimpleCirc has you covered

Canadian publications have unique requirements, and SimpleCirc is equipped to meet them.

Pricing in CAD & USD

Sell your magazine subscriptions in Canadian Dollars to your Canadian subscribers and US Dollars to your United States and international subscribers.

Canadian Magazine Taxes

Collect the right Canadian taxes for your magazine subscriptions: Provincial Sales Taxes (PST), Goods and Services Tax (GST), and Quebec Sales Tax (QST).

Canadian and US Postal Codes

Set up your postage types to take advantage of Canadian, US, and international postage.

Default to Canadian Addresses

We can set up your account to default to Canadian addresses. By default, your subscriber's country will be set to Canada and they will choose their province from a list. US and international subscribers can then click a link to quickly switch to a form supporting their addresses.

Awesome Customer Support

Talk to people who know publishing (and Canadian magazines) whenever you need help. Our team is made up of publishing professionals who can provide personalized support and help you make the most of SimpleCirc for your Canadian magazine.

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More Magazine Subscription Manager Features

Designed for efficiency and ease of use, SimpleCirc’s magazine subscription manager simplifies the complex tasks of managing a newsletter's circulation. Whether you’re a small publisher just getting started or a well-established magazine with thousands of subscribers, our management software has everything you need to streamline your operations and grow your subscriber base.

Some of our key features include:

Powerful Subscriber Management
Effortlessly add, renew, and update your subscribers with just a few clicks.

Seamless Online Ordering
Integrate your website directly with our ordering pages to eliminate redundant data entry.

Increased Revenue Opportunities
Leverage upselling for back issues and merchandise or cross-sell with your other titles to maximize earnings.

Digital Content Access
Provide your subscribers with instant access to all your digital publications.

Integration with Third-Party Services
Sync with a wide array of third-party platforms like Leaky Paywall, eMagazines, and MailChimp using SimpleCirc’s comprehensive API and webhooks.

Sophisticated Reporting Tools
Access dashboards and reports equipped with insights that drive actionable decisions.

Automatic Renewals
Streamline your renewal process to secure higher renewal rates and provide subscriber convenience.

Precision with USPS Address Validation
Automatically validate subscriber addresses, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time.

Multi-currency Support
Price your publications in the currency that aligns with your audience, including support for Canadian dollars.

Audit-Ready Data
Get comprehensive data support for BPA Worldwide & Alliance for Audited Media audits, helping you to get the best ad rates.

Powerful Integrations

SimpleCirc offers full integrations with the software you already trust, simplifying your publishing workflow. Embrace SimpleCirc Pro for a seamless experience, connecting with some of the most popular tools used by magazine publishers.

  • Paywalls: Monetize your digital content with ease, as our magazine subscription management platform integrates with the Leaky Paywall platform and is planning integration with Pico.
  • Digital Magazine Apps: Connect to leading magazine apps like eMagazines, BlueToad, Uberflip, Zinio, MAZ, and GTxcel. Manage subscribers efficiently while delivering a top-tier online reading experience.
  • Marketing Automation: Easily manage email campaigns through integration with ActiveCampaign and HubSpot, enhancing subscriber engagement.
  • Email Marketing: With support from MailChimp and iContact, sending renewal reminders and subscriber communications has never been easier.

For custom needs, leverage SimpleCirc's API and Webhook technology or the SimpleCirc Zapier app to build your own integrations.

We Help you Stay Compliant With Canadian Regulations

SimpleCirc is committed to providing you with the best subscription management solutions. We pay close attention to critical regulations and Canadian postal laws, and our system automatically calculates and applies tax rates for each subscription based on your business's province.

SimpleCirc seamlessly integrates with the postal service and uses USPS Address Validation to ensure your deliveries adhere to postal regulations and get where they need to go. We provide audit-ready reports that facilitate compliance verification with organizations like BPA Worldwide. You can rely on SimpleCirc to manage your complex compliance requirements effortlessly.

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