How O Gauge Railroading Magazine Got On the Right Track with SimpleCirc

O Gauge Railroading magazine is a specialized publication catering to enthusiasts of the 3-rail segment of the O gauge model train hobby. This niche audience requires a publication that understands their specific interests and provides detailed, relevant content. Given the dedicated and passionate nature of this community, managing subscriptions efficiently and effectively is crucial for maintaining subscriber satisfaction and fostering business growth.
Challenges with Subscription Management

Before partnering with SimpleCirc, O Gauge Railroading experience significant issues with its existing subscription management platform:

- Data exportation errors
- Regular application bugs
- Poor support
- Monthly renewal request process was time-consuming and error-prone
- Poor renewal request timing

These issues significantly affected the company's operations, customer service, and overall growth.
o-gauge magazine manages their circulation with SimpleCirc software

Implementation and Integration

O Gauge Railroading Magazine had already tried to correct its monthly renewal process by transitioning to a different subscription management system on four different occasions, all of which couldn't overcome their issue. Once SimpleCirc, the publisher realized it had found the solution they had been searching for since day one.

Integration Process:

The integration of SimpleCirc into O Gauge Railroading's existing systems was unexpectedly straightforward. The process was easier than anticipated, thanks to SimpleCirc's supportive staff and user-friendly application. The primary challenge encountered was the inaccuracies in the data exported from the previous provider, caused by their lack of support and a buggy application. SimpleCirc's staff not only cleaned up these errors but also provided comprehensive answers to any queries and demonstrated the functionalities of the app effectively. This ensured that the O Gauge Railroading team could quickly adapt to the new system.


O Gauge Railroading had personalized training and ongoing technical support throughout the implementation process to ensure the magazine's team could hit the ground running. Many team members remarked on how intuitive SimpleCirc's application is and appreciated the in-depth guidance and troubleshooting support when encountering previous data export errors made by their old software.

Features and Use

Several features of SimpleCirc proved to be particularly beneficial for O Gauge Railroading and made significant improvements across many aspects of their subscription management process beyond monthly renewals.

Automated email renewal notices restructured a previously time-consuming and error-prone process into a streamlined, automated task. With SimpleCirc’s help, the automation setup became a hands-off situation, ensuring timely and accurate renewal notices. Another significant benefit was the ability to configure package deals combining print and digital editions of the magazine easily. This flexibility enhanced their offering to subscribers and simplified subscription management.

Beneficial Features:

The most beneficial features of SimpleCirc for O Gauge Railroading Magazine have been:

- Automated email renewal notices
- Hands-off automation setup
- Timely and accurate renewal notices
- Simplified subscription management
- Online couponing to better engage subscribers

The user-friendly and visually appealing approach to the online renewal process has enhanced the overall subscriber experience.

Results and Improvements

SimpleCirc positively impacted O Gauge Railroading's relationship with its subscribers. Renewal notices are now better timed and consistent, eliminating previous issues of notices being sent prematurely. The ease of the online renewal process, which about 90% of subscribers have adopted, has further improved subscriber satisfaction.

Operational Improvements:

Implementing SimpleCirc streamlined operations at O Gauge Railroading. Automated renewal processes and online subscription management reduced manual tasks significantly. This efficiency shift allowed the team to focus more on content creation and subscriber engagement. Integration of package deals simplified product offerings and improved service delivery.

Team Feedback:

O Gauge Railroading's team responded positively to SimpleCirc. They appreciated its intuitive interface and the support provided during implementation. The training was efficient and supported by responsive customer service, helping team members increase productivity in subscription management tasks.

Subscriber Feedback:

Subscribers welcomed SimpleCirc's improvements because the online renewal process became convenient and intuitive through automation. Timely reminders and easy subscription management options enhanced subscriber satisfaction, which has been measured through an increase in renewals. With fewer customer data errors in the overall database structure, readers are receiving their favorite publications on time without any hassles.

Business Growth:

SimpleCirc facilitated business growth at O Gauge Railroading by reducing churn and increasing subscriber retention thanks to improved data management and subscription renewal automation. The ability to offer online subscription coupons has also attracted new subscribers to stabilize revenue and position the magazine for future expansion.

Support and Partnership

The publisher feels the ongoing subscription management support it has received has been exemplary. The partnership between O Gauge Railroading and SimpleCirc is expected to help the magazine continue thriving thanks to the ease of use, reliable support, and beneficial features it now has to streamline its operations.

Exceptional Support:

When SimpleCirc staff identified and corrected serious data structuring errors causing the long-standing data export challenges hampering the monthly renewals process, O Gauge Railroading knew it had found the right subscription management partner.

Future Partnership:

The company hopes for more automation to reduce the time spent on renewal campaigns. They anticipate an evolving partnership with SimpleCirc, focusing on developing more subscriber engagement through efficient subscription management.

Final Thoughts

O Gauge Railroading Magazine highly recommends SimpleCirc to other publishers. Having tested several different subscription services (one in-house and three online), SimpleCirc stood out as the subscription management app with superior support. For publishers considering SimpleCirc, the advice is simple: "Do it!" The positive transformation in operations and subscriber satisfaction experienced by O Gauge Railroading is more than an endorsement of the software's features but a testament to the collaborative approach Simple Circ supports in creating tailored subscription management solutions for its clients.

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