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Take your magazine's circulation management to the next level with our innovative magazine subscription management software. We've designed it to simplify every aspect of your subscription handling, so you can focus on what matters most: creating great content.

  • Streamline ordering
  • Maximize renewal rates
  • Support your subscribers
  • Save time & money

Keep your incredible magazine going strong with SimpleCirc. Our feature-rich platform is your all-in-one solution to save time, boost revenue, and grow your publications with our easy-to-use subscription management software.

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Hundreds of magazine publishers trust us to mange their circ.

No matter the flavor of your publication – SimpleCirc is your go-to magazine subscription management software for circulation management.

  • Regional Lifestyle Magazines
  • Special Interests & Hobbies
  • Business Journals
  • Kid's Magazines
  • Digital Magazines

SimpleCirc was built by publishers, for publishers, with a goal of simplifying circulation management for everyone. Our magazine subscriber management platform seamlessly adapts to your publication's focus, ensuring a smooth circulation experience for you and your readers.

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Managing Magazine Subscriptions Has Its Challenges

When it comes to publishing magazines, it's not just about passion. Countless processes go into its success that can drain your productivity without the right magazine subscription software in your toolbox.

Billing & Invoicing
Order Fulfillment
Performance Monitoring
Tracking Renewal Rates
Subscriber Preferences
Address Management
Print and Digital Distribution
Staying Ahead of the Technological Curve

As a magazine publisher, you need a tailor-made solution that makes the circulation process intuitive, keeps subscribers hooked, and fuels your publication's growth.

But SimpleCirc Offers the Right Solutions

Keeping your readers engaged means giving them the content they love at a price that works for them. With SimpleCirc magazine subscription management software, we've got your back every step of the way.

We help magazine publishers with the heavy lifting:

Streamlined Ordering Integration
Automated Renewals and Notifications
Subscriber Self-Service Portal
Comprehensive Customer Support

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host subscriber checkout pages with SimpleCirc
Streamline ordering

Simple ordering that puts the data right into your circ software.

Link your site to your checkout page on SimpleCirc and all of your orders go right into your magazine subscription management software.

No more tedious manual data entry.

No more embarrassing address mistakes or subscription mix-ups.

Our tech-savvy approach to magazine subscription management ensures your subscriber checkout data automatically uploads the moment they complete their transactions.

Maximize renewal rates

Automate your renewals to save time & money

Auto renew your subscribers for the ultimate in efficiency, cost savings, and renewal rates.

Then, for those who don't auto-renew, our magazine subscription software automatically sends a series of emails and letters.

You'll spend a lot less time on efforts while increasing your renewal rates!

send subscriber renewal notice emails and letters automatically with SimpleCirc software
publication subscriber self-help portal
No-touch Subscriber Support

Let your subscribers help themselves

Our subscriber self-service portal makes it easy for readers to help themselves, freeing you up to focus on crafting captivating articles or brainstorming exciting new features for your next issue.

When they do need to reach out, our magazine subscription management software has all the tools you'll need to service them quickly and efficiently.

Most of our publishers spend only minutes a day.

Case Studies

Case Study: Improving Subscription Management for Alaska Business Magazine

Alaska Business Publishing Co., the publisher of the premier magazine Alaska Business, faced significant challenges with managing subscription renewals and campaigns, leading to subscriber loss and potential revenue decline. By integrating SimpleCirc, the company streamlined its subscription management processes, including renewal campaigns, auto-renewals, and managing duplicate accounts. The direct training and support from SimpleCirc were instrumental in making the transition smooth and effective, helping the team recapture lost subscribers and improve overall efficiency.

With SimpleCirc, Alaska Business Publishing Co. has seen improved subscriber retention and growth, thanks to better communication and streamlined operations. The platform's features have allowed the team to spend less time managing subscriptions and more time focusing on business expansion. This company highly recommends SimpleCirc for its user-friendly system, exceptional support, and ability to drive significant operational improvements and business growth.

Case Study: Better Subscription Management for Electrical Engineering Magazine

SimpleCirc subscription management for an electrical engineering magazine helped the publisher overcome delays in subscriber support, limited database access, and pay-walled features. It also helped the magazine's team streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction with automation and customized integrations to meet specific circulation needs By transitioning to SimpleCirc, publishers are in control of their success and have access to the tools necessary to foster subscriber loyalty and business growth.

Partnering with SimpleCirc helps publications to decrease subscriber churn rates and enhance overall subscription efficiency. Because this platform provides adaptability and outstanding support, publishers using this software will have an enduring partnership to help meet evolving industry demands through state-of-the-art subscription management.

Case Study: O Gauge Railroading and SimpleCirc

As a model railroad hobbyist magazine, O Gauge Railroading faced several challenges with its monthly renewal process before adopting SimpleCirc. From tedious renewal request functionality to subscriber data errors, the publisher found little success with several subscription management software until discovering SimpleCirc. The transition was smooth, with SimpleCirc effortlessly importing its subscription database and resolving data errors from previous providers. By automating its renewal process, O Gauge also significantly streamlined its operations, saving time and improving subscriber satisfaction.

SimpleCirc offers more than just a subscription management solution—it provides a partnership dedicated to helping publications succeed. With robust features like automated renewal notices and customizable subscription packages, this subscription management software empowers publishers to streamline operations and enhance subscriber engagement to enhance reader loyalty. O Gauge Railroading Magazine's journey underscores the importance of intuitive circulation software, delivering efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and business growth.

Who are we?

With over 20 years of publishing experience, we understand the challenges you face in managing subscriptions. In 2015, frustrated by the lack of modern magazine subscription management services, we created SimpleCirc to revolutionize the circulation management process.

Since then, we've helped hundreds of publishers like yours simplify operations, save time and money, and grow their subscriber base.

Let us do the same for you!

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