Subscriber management simplified

Subscriber management simplified

Magazine & newspaper subscription management software for today's publisher

Magazine publishers trust SimpleCirc

Publishers around the world trust SimpleCirc to run their business.

Is bad software killing your publication?

Messy data with bad addresses and tons of dupes.

Falling renewal rates.

Long hours manually entering information or moving it from one system to another.

Too many tedious "work-arounds."

Paying extra for IT support to manage your servers & software.

Paying for different software for everything ... subscriber management, online stores, digital content, and email marketing.

Or maybe just paying a fulfillment house way too much money to under-deliver!

Great software will help you grow ...

Clean subscriber data

Save time & improve subscriber satisfaction with CLEAN data.

- USPS address verification
- NCOA, CASS, and ACS integrations
- Foolproof dupe cleanup

Inceased renewal rates

Increase renewal rates.

- One-click renewal links for emails
- Auto renew
- Powerful reports and data to control and understand your circulation

Automated data entry

Greatly reduce data entry and prevent errors.

- Agency file importing
- Fast and accurate searching
- Address auto-complete

No work-arounds

Put an end to "work-arounds."

All of our workflows were designed by publishers to be efficient and reliable.

No servers

Get rid of servers and upgrades.

Everything is hosted on the AWS cloud, constantly backed up, and always up to date so you can sleep easy at night!

One software product for all your publishing needs

One software product for all your needs.

Subscriber management, merchandise sales, digital content, and email marketing all in one place.

Publishers are more successful when they use SimpleCirc.

Circuit Cellar Magazine

KC Prescott President - Circuit Cellar

Absolutely amazing! I have been able to cut my subscription management expense by more than 75%. SimpleCirc allows for better management, insight, and control, which has improved subscription renewal rates and overall customer satisfaction. Everything a publisher could ask for; the low cost is just icing on the cake.

Professional Investigator Magazine

Nicole Cusanelli and James Nanos Owners - PI Magazine

We have been using SimpleCirc for just over a year and will never turn back! This subscription management software is not only intuitive but also very easy to use. Technical and customer support is extremely helpful and readily accessible. New and returning customers can manage their own subscriptions, which has saved us time and our company money. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in subscribership.

Heritage Iron Magazine

Ashley Heuerman 3-Point Ink

The SimpleCirc team has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Top notch customer service. They're always there to help with questions and concerns and make you feel like they actually care and value your business. In a world where great customer service is far and few between, with many making you feel like just a number, we've been extremely impressed with SimpleCirc.

Alaska Business

Jason Martin Vice President & General Manager - Alaska Business

SimpleCirc is fantastic! They provided the tools to help us increase our circulation by 50%. They are also very helpful and responsive to rarely needed support enquiries.

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