Local Alaska Business Magazine Case Study

Alaska Business Publishing Co., a well-established publisher since 1984, has been the driving force behind Alaska Business, the state’s premier business magazine. With a target audience of entrepreneurs and industry leaders, the publication faced significant challenges that impeded its subscription management efficiency and overall business growth.
Challenges with Subscription Management

Before adopting SimpleCirc, Alaska Business Publishing Co. faced significant challenges with:

- Managing renewal campaign
- Handling various subscription campaigns
- Providing effective customer service

These challenges had a notable impact on the company's operations, customer service, and overall business growth. Specifically, they were losing subscribers and potential revenue due to a lack of a clear strategy to retain subscribers.
alaska business magazine manages their circulation with SimpleCirc software

Implementation and Integration

Transitioning to a new subscription management system can often be a daunting task for any publication. Alaska Business Publishing Co. found the integration process with SimpleCirc to be relatively straightforward, with only a few minor challenges that were quickly addressed. Transitioning to a new subscription management system can often be a daunting task for any publication. Alaska Business Publishing Co. found the integration process with SimpleCirc to be relatively straightforward, with only a few minor challenges that were quickly addressed.

Integration Process:

When integrating SimpleCirc into an existing system, it encountered some initial data errors from its previous provider. These issues, stemming from the provider's lack of support and buggy application, required assistance from SimpleCirc to swiftly resolve. Despite these challenges, the overall integration went smoothly.


Alaska Business Publishing Co. implemented SimpleCirc with personalized training and ongoing support from Dave, covering platform navigation, subscription management best practices, and customization options. They also received troubleshooting tips and team guidance to maximize new resources effectively.

Features and Use

As Alaska Business Publishing Co. began utilizing SimpleCirc, they discovered several features that significantly enhanced their subscription management processes. These features not only addressed their initial challenges but also introduced new efficiencies and capabilities.

Beneficial Features:

The most beneficial features of SimpleCirc for Alaska Business Publishing Co. have been:

- Subscription renewal campaigns
- Auto-renewals
- Subscription offer codes
- Duplicate Subscribers feature (both as a list and on individual accounts)

These features have been instrumental in retaining subscribers and tracking how new subscribers heard about the publication. The Duplicate Subscribers feature, in particular, helped in managing and merging duplicate accounts efficiently.

Streamlined Subscription Management:

With SimpleCirc, the team spends less time managing the subscriber database. Subscribers benefit from better communication regarding their subscription expiration and have the ability to modify their subscriptions through the subscriber portal.

Results and Improvements

With the integration of SimpleCirc, Alaska Business Publishing Co. has seen measurable improvements in its subscription management and overall business operations. The following are specific areas where significant positive impacts were noted.

Operational Improvements:

SimpleCirc has enabled the company to recapture lost subscribers who were not previously notified about subscription expiration. Pulling mailing and various other lists is now quick and efficient.

Team Feedback:

The implementation of SimpleCirc has been well-received by the team at Alaska Business Publishing Co. They appreciate the increased efficiency in managing subscriptions, especially the reduced time spent on administrative tasks and the ease of pulling mailing lists and subscriber data. Overall, the sentiment is one of increased productivity and ease of use.

Subscriber Feedback:

Indirect indicators suggest a positive response from subscribers. The rise in subscriber retention and renewals, along with decreased churn rates, indicates that subscribers value the improvements and find the process more user-friendly.

Business Growth:

Since implementing SimpleCirc, Alaska Business Publishing Co. has achieved significant gains in subscriber retention and revenue. Automated renewals and targeted offers have reduced churn and increased sales, improving operational efficiency and enhancing subscriber engagement.

Support and Partnership

The relationship between Alaska Business Publishing Co. and SimpleCirc has been marked by exceptional support and collaboration. SimpleCirc’s support team has played a crucial role in addressing the company’s needs and enhancing its subscription management experience.

Exceptional Support:

Alaska Business Publishing Co. has received exceptional support, particularly from Dave and Bob. Their proactive assistance has optimized subscription management and enhanced efficiency, fostering a strong partnership.

Future Partnership:

The company hopes for more automation to reduce the time spent on renewal campaigns. They anticipate an evolving partnership with SimpleCirc, focusing on further automation and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Alaska Business Publishing Co. has significantly improved its subscription management processes since implementing SimpleCirc. The platform's features and support have helped streamline operations and enhance subscriber retention.

For publishers exploring new subscription management software solutions, Alaska Business Publishing Co.'s advice is clear: give it a try! Having tested four other services (including one in-house and three online), it found SimpleCirc to be the most user-friendly option available. According to feedback, the platform not only simplifies subscription management but also highlights and addresses obstacles that might not have been apparent initially. It's a decision the publisher doesn't regret, citing significant improvements in efficiency and operational clarity.

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