One-Click Renewals

Renewing a subscription has never been this easy

The single, fastest way to improve your renewal rates is our one-click renewal link.

SimpleCirc creates a unique link for each of your subscribers that you can use in your renewal notice emails. Those renewal emails can be sent directly from SimpleCirc or sent from your preferred marketing software. For the best results, we recommend putting the link behind a button that says "Renew Now" or "Click to Renew".

When a subscriber clicks the link they will be taken directly to your renewal checkout form with the right offer selected and all of their information filled in. (name, address, etc.) All they do is enter their credit card information or click the PayPal button and BAM!, their subscription has been renewed. It's really that simple.

We all know how lazy people can be, and if the path to renewing a subscription is any more complicated or time consuming than it has to be you're going to miss out on sales. We have even added this technology to printed renewal letters that you would send in the mail. Our automated renewal letter process uses QR codes to make renewing just as easy for mailed letters. By scanning the QR code with a smartphone camera, subscribers can instantly be taken to the renewal checkout form, again with all of their information pre-populated.

SimpleCirc makes renewing so easy that one of our publishers set a personal single-day renewal record the first time they sent out emails with our one-click link. Now who doesn't love that?

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