Prospect & Finder Files

Reach new subscribers and make it easy for them to convert

SimpleCirc Pro Feature

If you rent or purchase prospect/finder files to reach new potential subscribers, SimpleCirc's prospect feature can make it a lot easier to convert them and track your success.

By uploading your prospects file into SimpleCirc you can then manage and track your campaigns right in SimpleCirc. To create a campaign you can do one of three things, download a file, send emails right from SimpleCirc, or send whitemail letters right from SimpleCirc.

If you download a file you can then do your outreach as you normally would by sending the file to your mail shop or loading it into your email marketing software. The file you export will have unique links for each prospect. These links can be included in your emails or encoded as QR codes in your letters. When a prospect use the link, they will land on a checkout page with all of their information pre-loaded. The prospect then just enters their credit card and they will automatically be converted to a subscriber in SimpleCirc and tracked as a conversion for your prospect file.

Better yet, you can have SimpleCirc send your emails and/or letters! All of the emails and letters will automatically have unique links for each prospect making it very easy for them to complete the ordering process. For prospects that mail their response back to you, each remit will have a barcode on it allowing you to easily scan the coupon and complete the sale in SimpleCirc. No more downloadling files and sending them to other people and programs! Let SimpleCirc do it all for you.

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