Introducing SimpleCirc Pro

Introducing SimpleCirc Pro

Bob Vitek

March 24, 2022 / Bob Vitek
With the release of SimpleCirc Pro, publishers can now harness even more powerful tools for simplifying their subscriber management.

First, SimpleCirc can now send all of your emails for you. No longer do you need to export a file from SimpleCirc and then upload it to your email marketing software. Just select the subscribers you want to reach and the email template you want to use and let SimpleCirc do the rest.

SimpleCirc can also now send your whitemail letters for you! We have partnered with a world-class mail shop to make sending letters to your subscribers both very simple and very cost-effective. For less than 70 cents per piece, you can send a 4-color letter with perforated paper, a return envelope, and postage.

SimpleCirc also now allows you to brand your checkout pages better by using your own subdomain. You can now direct your subscribers to or any other subdomain you choose to make their checkout experience more seamless.

Additionally, with SimpleCirc Pro you get purpose-built integrations with lots of the great publishing software you already use. Paywalls, digital readers, CRMs, and more!

Learn more about integrations.

Finally, if finding new subscribers includes renting lists of potential readers, SimpleCirc now offers a simple way to reach those prospects. Just upload your list, select your prospects, and send them emails or letters through SimpleCirc. When they convert to new subscribers everything will happen right in SimpleCirc providing you great metrics and insight.

Ready to learn more about SimpleCirc Pro and take the next step in simplifying your subscriber management?

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