"See it now (for C.D. Wright)" by Cole Swenson

Volume 2020 - Issue 1

Our 2020 Year-end Broadside explores themes of loss, resilience, and currents in handmade paper and print. Three stellar artists—all based in Providence, Rhode Island—have crafted word, pulp, and ink for this limited edition. “See it now,” a new & unpublished poem by renowned poet Cole Swensen, is dedicated to the memory of fellow poet C.D. Wright. Papermaker Kate Aitchison produced the unique square handmade paper using a gradient blend of two pulps from 100% recycled source materials: 75% denim with 25% cotton half-stuff. Anna McNeary added imagery that was serigraph printed from a photosensitive polymer silkscreen matrix. The text is in opaque ink; the underlying wave pattern is in clear gloss ink. Alta Price and Kelly Taylor Mitchell acted as art directors on behalf of Hand Papermaking. The full edition of 125 signed and numbered copies was completed in November 2020.


Hand Papermaking, Inc.
(651) 447-7143

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