Summer 2009 — The "On" Issue

Volume 24 - Issue 1

Genevieve Wood ON Chemistry in Paper; Professional Paper Collaborators Discuss Their Profession; Terry McClain ON Okinawan Papermaking; Sample of Fukugi-Dyed Aogampi Paper by Agena Kiyoshi; Sandy Kinnee ON the Combat Paper Project; Paul Denhoed ON Richard Flavin; Cindy Bowden ON Sukey Hughes; Lynne Tillman ON Mel Kendrick; Beatrix Mapalagma ON Christina Leitner; Helen Highwater ON Cleveland’s Morgan Conservatory; Gregor Campbell ON Henry Morris; Barbara Tetenbaum ON Andrea Nieke; Audrey Niffenegger ON Marilyn Sward; Marilyn Spirit Whispers: A Memorial Paper Sample, Text by Anita M. Garza; Tatiana Ginsberg ON the World Washi Summit. Reviews: John Krill: Papermaking at Hayle Mill 1808–1987; Sandy Kinnee: Helen Hiebert’s Water Paper Time.


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