Winter 2009 — Masquerading Paper

Volume 24 - Issue 2

Paper Fancies in Unexpected Collections at The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Mindell Dubansky; “Practically Invulnerable”: Chinese Paper Armor by Peter Dekker; Dutch Gilt Papers as Substitutes for Leather by Sidney E. Berger; Kinkarakami: The Story of Ueda Takashi by Moriki Kayoko; Pulp Fashion: Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Paper Clothing by Jennifer Verde King; Paper Textiles: A Substitute Material in Wartime Europe by Christina Leitner; Double or Nothing: Mimicry in Contemporary Art Using Handmade Paper by Tara L. Ruth; Hungerford’s Moon (sample) by Andrea Peterson; Like Shields, Like Shells: The Graphite Reliefs of Roberto Mannino by Buzz Spector (with sample); ON Three Papermaking Traditions in Asia by Dorothy Field; ON Annarita Librari by Lynn Sures (with sample).


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