Summer 2010 — Invasive Plants

Volume 25 - Issue 1

Journey Into Papermaking: A Focus on Kentucky Invasive Plants by Gin Petty; Guerrilla Weeding and the Practice of Slowing Down by Mary Tasillo; Using Invasive Plant Fibers Responsibly (with samples) by Julie Johnson; A Papermaker’s Dilemma: Examining the Use of Invasive Plants by Amy Richard; Arch Shred: A Sustainable Fiber Source by Peter Thomas; Making Paper from the Banana Plant: An Alabama Approach (with sample) by Steve Miller; Tale of Nettles by Barbara Beisinghoff; ON Duke Riley: Ecstatically Baffled by Eugénie Barron. Reviews: Helen Frederick on Joan Hall; Dan R. Goddard on Engaged and Fragmented.


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