Summer 2013 — Community Cookbook

Volume 28 - Issue 1

Paper from the Bark of Fig Trees: A 13th-Century Yemeni Recipe by Adam Gacek; Samandoque: The Luster of Agave by Karla Elling; Fiber, Water, Heat, and Height: #032981 by Eugénie Barron; Pulp for Chiaroscuro Watermarking by Susan Gosin; The Use of Malaysian Banana Fiber for Handmade Art Papers (with sample) by Elham Shafaei, Izmer Ahmad & Adnan Mat; Baling Twine Paper Pulp by Andrea Peterson; Leftovers Become Ingots by Sandy Kinnee; The Disappearing Tablecloth: A Sheet-Forming Recipe by Bridget O’Malley; Electronic Vat Agitator by Keith Gum; Build a Weaving Stand for Next to Nothing by Mary Louise Sullivan; Nick Pearson’s Watercolor Paper Formula by Peter Thomas; Painting with the Beater by Beck Whitehead; A Trick or a Tool? by John Babcock; O-Gami paper sample, text by Barbara Campagnola & Danielle Wyckoff; Welcome Home, Julia Pastrana: Papel Picado Pulp-Stenciling by Melissa Potter; Principles, Recipes, Apparatus, and Technique by Peter Sowiski; Paper-Finishing Recipes for Calligraphers by Karen Gorst; Kakishibu Marinade for Thin Kozo Papers by Julie McLaughlin; Recipe for Healing: Key Ingredients of an Arts-in-Medicine Papermaking Workshop by Amy Richard; A Recipe for Portability by Margaret Mahan & Drew Matott; ON Pith “Paper” Revival in Taiwan by Jane Ingram Allen; ON Working with Handmade Paper by Cyrilla Mozenter & Drew Shiflett. Reviews: Joomchi and Beyond, and Between Perception and Definition: The Work of Winifred Lutz.


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