Winter 2013 — Knowledge Custodians

Volume 28 - Issue 2

Recognizing Indigenous Knowledge When Sourcing Plant Fibers for Papermaking by Winsome Jobling; Investigating Cultural Literacy by Helen C. Frederick; Papermaking as Intangible Cultural Heritage in Japan by Paul Denhoed; Conversation with Paul Wong: What Defines A National Treasure? by Susan Gosin; Looking at Our Lineage: The Hand Papermaking Community Documentation Project by Nicole Donnelly; What Is a Watermark? by Fred Siegenthaler; In Search of Amate: Alabama to San Pablito, Mexico by Steve Miller with Martin Vinaver; History as History by Robert Hauser (with tipped-in engraving); Washi Inspires Norwich by Tatiana Ginsberg. Reviews: Akemi Martin on Washi: The Soul of Japan; Minah Song on Hanji Unfurled; Andrea Peterson on The Papermaker’s Studio Guide DVD.


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