Winter 2014 — China

Volume 29 - Issue 2

A Conversation with Xu Bing by Michael Durgin; Mansheng Wang: A Chinese Artist Talks about Chinese Paper by Nancy Norton Tomasko; Wet and Dry: Water-Based Woodblock Printmaking with Chinese Papers by Ralph Kiggell; Two Decorated Paper Samples; Lin Yan’s Migrations: Paper as a Medium Back Home by Claire Cuccio; Chinese Papers in the Repair of Traditional Chinese Books by Jody Beenk; Dai Hand Papermaking in Xishuangbanna by Peng Juan and Nick Perret; Paper Mulberry Paper from Manzhao; Paper Art Education in China and the Founding of the Paper Art Laboratory at Tsinghua University by Zhao Jian and Yang Changhe; Four Contemporary Chinese Artists: Tang Chenghua, Fu Xiaotong, Hu Rong, Peng Yong. Review: Jacob Eyferth’s “Eating Rice from Bamboo Roots” by Michael Durgin.


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