July 2023

Sugarcane Variety Census:Florida 2022 BY Matthew VanWeelden, Christian Kammerer, Wayne Davidson, Miguel Baltazar, and Ron Rice, South African Sugar Industry Strives to Boost Domestic Sugar Demand By Jaroslaw Adamowski, 2021-2022 Florida and Texas Factory Personnel, 2021-2022 Florida and Texas Factory Production, Picking Table: On the Subject of Beet Sugar Crystallization. #14: The Influence of White Pan Crystal Yield on Sugar End Capacity – Part 2 By Christopher D. Rhoten, Uses Of ChatGPT in Agriculture, Usos del ChatGPT en la Agricultura, Sponsored Section: John Deere Continues to Lead in New Technology, S-PAA Solteca: The Real-Time Optimization (RTO) Revolution Expands to Latin America by Pro-Usinas –Print Copies Available See Dropdown Box Below