With the Playbill Opening Night Subscription, you will receive one copy of every Opening Night Playbill mailed to you.

These collector's issues are inscribed with the opening night date on the title page and feature the original cast and credits and a sticker on the cover. The only other way to obtain these special Playbills is to be in the theatre on opening night - or to purchase them individually from PlaybillStore.com.

Subscriptions purchased before May 1, 2023 will begin with March 2023 openings so you can enjoy the 16 opening night Playbills of the spring season. If you prefer your subscription to start on a later month, email subscriptions@playbill.com after you have completed your purchase.

Issues may be mailed in bundles if there are multiple openings within a week or two. Some Broadway productions, including but not limited to concert runs or return engagements, may not be issued an Opening Night Playbill.
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