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Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to those on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as all those doing everything they can to support them.

There is no doubt COVID-19 has affected each of our lives on many levels. And it's truly amazing to see both individuals and companies stepping up and doing what they can to help. We’re seeing businesses applying ingenious methods to modify their facilities to produce much needed medical gear. Individuals are dedicating many hours behind their sewing machines churning out masks and gowns at record setting levels. People are also using their 3D printers to make face shields for those still working. Signs of courage, determination, and innovation at its best.

Meanwhile, important contributions are also happening away from the front lines, as everyone adjusts to the challenges of a stay-at-home routine. There, many individuals and organizations contribute by helping those at home to work, learn, stay connected, and be entertained. Everyone from app developers to yoga instructors are applying their skills and products to help—and many are doing so for free, while we all try to make it through this pandemic.

Here at KCK Media we’ve also been looking at what we could offer, and how to make it happen. We concluded that people are getting cabin fever, and that’s increased everyone’s appetite for new sources of media to consume. With that in mind, we’ve decided to offer our publications—Circuit Cellar and audioXpress—to everyone for free* for the next 3 issues. Read. Learn. Build. And perhaps discover a new passion—or at least get a break from the boredom.

We encourage you to share this offer—as well as any other offers like this—to help those you know stay engaged and connected.

audioXpress & Circuit Cellar Teams

Please note this program was for the May, June, July 2020 issues. Signing up now will give you immediate access to these 3 issues of audioXpress and Circuit Cellar no additional issues will be made available under this program.

Fine Print: *The May, June and July issues will be available for free through our digital subscription viewing platform. Unlike a regular subscription, issues cannot be downloaded.

If you prefer a standard subscription, we are offering 12 free issues with a 1-year digital subscription purchase - audioXpress Here and Circuit Cellar Here

Publishing Schedule: May audioXpress available 4/13/2020, May Circuit Cellar - 4/20/2020, June audioXpress - 5/8/2020, June Circuit Cellar - 5/20/2020

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