The Goat Issue

Volume 10 - Issue 1

Have you ever wondered what types of goats are best for spinners? Do you know the difference between mohair, cashmere, Pygora, Cashgora, how about Nigora, Orenburg, and the Don? They’re all spinnable goats and their all worth your time! Want to know how to spin your own mohair carry-alongs and brushed mohair? Interested in how to double-draft cashmere and just how much cashmere you really need to add to a yarn? We’ve got all this and more in the Goat issue of PLY! Not only are goats adorable and hilarious rascals, but their fiber is endlessly useful and incredibly unique. This issue digs deep into the main types of goats that spinners enjoy most: Angora (for mohair), Pygora, and Cashmere. It also looks at Cashgora goats, Orenburg goats, and The Don. It covers choosing your own mohair fleece; core, lock, and tailspinning mohair; creating a brushed mohair yarn; corespinning mohair; processing your own cashmere; how to double draft cashmere; natural dyeing these stunning fibers; how much cashmere in a blend is really needed to affect the final yarn; plus lots more. It’s also got gorgeous projects for you to spin and knit or weave and a handy guide if you’ve ever had trouble remember which goat is which and which produces what fiber. If you’re a spinner and not allergic to goats, this issue will make you smile and teach you a lot.


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