The Consistency Issue, #34

Volume 9 - Issue 3

Are you in love with spinning but wish you had more control over how the yarn turns out? Do you have trouble spinning a yarn that matches from the beginning of a bobbin to the end? Did you know that it's not just you but also your fiber type, fiber prep, and wheel set-up that makes your yarn more or less consistent? Do you know that consistently inconsistent is still consistent! These and so many more questions are covered in the new issue of PLY. Plus there's spinning cotton, weaving cotton (those curtains, am I right?), natural dyeing, acid dyeing, using tools to help you stay consistent, keeping craft in your busy life, staying steady while spinning woolen and worsted yarns, using music, using blends, adding texture, keeping that texture tidy, the most consistent breeds, and of course, finding your personal style of consistency (which might be consistently inconsistent).There are also great projects that will make you want to break out your spindles, wheels, looms, and needles.  This issue is about making you a better spinner but also celebrating the spinner you are.


PLY Publishing

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