The Fur Issue, 28

Volume 8 - Issue 1

Spring 2020 is upon us and that means the Fur issue is coming! It’s filled with all the fluffy little animals with fiber so fine and flighty that they delight spinners all over. The issue starts off with wise words from Judith MacKenzie and her take on spinable wild fibers. From there it delves into exactly how to deal with fur. Stephenie Gaustad, Terri Guerette, and Roy Clemes give you the basics on prepping and spinning these short slick fibers. Then we get specific with articles about processing, blending, spinning, weaving, and knitting with dog, cat, chinchilla, wolf, and rabbit (along with bits about sea otter, mountain goat, and possum). There are a couple of great projects and important community news as well. It’s definitely one of PLY’s cutest (and informational) issues yet.


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