The Suspended Spindle Issue, 25

Volume 7 - Issue 1

Are you new to suspended spindles and want to know how to…do everything? Do you want to wind beautiful fancy cops and make center-pull balls? Do you want to learn all about spindle dynamics and what works best for producing different yarns? This issue is entirely devoted to those spindles that are suspended in midair as if my magic (or magical yarn). No supported spindles here – all suspended spindles. The issue has the basics, of course – what a suspended spindle is, the parts of it, and a step-by-step tutorial on how to use one. But there is more to know, deeper to dig. We go into how they work and why; how to pick a first spindle; how to spin woolen and worsted; different ways to ply (including ply on the fly); and so much more! We give you a roster of different types of suspended spindles through the ages; the best woods for spindles; how to fix spindle ouchies; and how to wind the prettiest cops around. This is an issue to savor.


PLY Publishing

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