The Flax Issue, 20

Volume 6

The spring issue is all about flax. And Linen. And spinning. And people. And the world. It’s an issue filled with so much knowledge and so many personalities that it almost didn’t fit in the 112 pages we had for it. Have you been intimidated by this mysterious yet humble fiber? This issue can help, starting with the language, processing, preparation, and the simplest way to begin. Are you unsure of how much twist linen yarn wants and needs? This issue explores that very issue, for singles and plied yarns. Are you ready for some more advanced techniques? Different preparation, finishing, bleaching? This issue has that too. We tried to cover it all, from basic to beyond. Whether you’re a veteran flax spinner or somebody that’s not sure where flax ends and linen begins, this stunning issue is made for you. Covering history, lingo, growing, processing, spinning, plying, and finishing plus when and how to dye, why you might want to bleach your linen, how to spin it wet, dry, and on a spindle, and exactly how much twist it really needs, this issue is chock full of spinning stuff! There are also 3 fun and accessible projects in 3 different fiber arts. Don’t miss this inspiring issue.


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