The Plying Issue, 15

Volume 4 - Issue 4

The Plying issue of PLY Magazine is so beautiful I can hardly stand it. It’s full of some voices you know and trust as well as a few new ones it was a pleasure to work with. If you’re a staunch singles spinner, don’t worry; Beth Smith starts the issue by breaking it down as if you’ve never plied before. Michelle Boyd, resident precise-spinner then swoops in to demystify plying math by looking at, investigating, and testing all the popular plying formulas. It’s pretty awesome, and if plying math has ever scrambled your brain before (it has mine, for sure), this should help. Stephenie Gaustad and Kara Perpelitz talk about stretch and elasticity with regard to plying. Mary Berry and Gwen Powell discuss different plying structures while Esther Rodgers looks into what happens when you combine different types of singles with different ply structures. Patsy Zawistowski goes on the lam with her illegal plying, and Kim McKenna introduces a way to ply I’ve never seen. As usual, Carson Demers weighs in to keep your body running smoothly in Ergo Neo, and SCENE and Tips are informative as well. Three of my favorite articles are by spinning masterminds Sylvia Becker, Jillian Moreno, and Maggie Casey. These are articles that can really change your spinning, so read them carefully! Of course there are projects too. They’re so great!  One is crochet (Shibaguyz Designz) and one is knit (Carol McFadden). There’s also a weaving piece by Beth Smith to inspire you. You are going to want to work up these projects, I just know it!


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