The Planning Issue, 19

Volume 5 - Issue 4

Planning! The Winter 2017 issue is all about planning and while we know that that spinning by the seat-of-your-pants can be fun and therapeutic, we also know that planning sometimes a plan is needed. This issue is here for you when you need a plan! Do you want to know how to plan for the exact right twist angle, the just right amount of yarn, the perfect project. Do you struggle with spinning math or inspiration? Do you like lists? We got lists for teaching spinning, planning classes, planning fiber studios and nooks, ultimate spinning tool bags, and what you need if you have to bug-out quickly. This issue covers that gamut when it comes to planning and fiber.  With a range of topics from technical spinning to fiber lifestyle, there’s not just a little for everyone, there’s a lot! As usual, there’s also gorgeous photos and interesting, challenging projects.


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