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A New Plan to Capture Greenhouse Gas - An Artist’s Book

This artist’s book situates CO2 disposal in a network of social, political, and ecological connections. These connections give rise to fascinating stories, which are told through archival research and reproduction. Important documents from the decades-long history of CO2 disposal have been drawn over in two series of drawings. One series, The London Convention Drawings, was exhibitioned at the UK-based gallery GroundWork between August and October 2021. The other series, The Green Man, has never been seen before by the public. The book also features an introduction, an exclusive essay, and a conversation with the activist and physicist Ansar Fayyazuddin. Proceeds from the book will go toward supporting SftP’s organizing work. [8.75 x 11.25” • 60 pages • Perfect bound • Hardcover with inset image • MSRP $35]


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